Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

Me and my friend made a short trip to Klagenfurt last week and I convinced him to stop at Douglas so I could pick up a few things. One of the things I bought is Beginner's Luxe set. Set contains a trio of Soap & Glory's best-loved classics: 75 ml Clean On Me shower gel, 50 ml Scrub of Your Life body butter, 300 ml The Righteous Butter and exfoliating gloves.
So far I only tried The Righteous Butter and even though I usually wouldn't spend cca. 20€ on body butter, since I normally use it 3 times a week and need to constantly repurchase it, I'm glad I did.

This body butter was made for very dry skin, its formula should help hold hydration in longer and the scents is Soap & Glory's signature Pink Fragrance which combines fresh bergamot and mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oakmoss, amber, woody notes and warm vanilla notes on the bottom - I like it because it's very subtle, but it still smells really nice.
This is the second Soap & Glory product I ever tried, first being Hand Food, and so far I'm loving it.

The thing that I like most about this product is, that your skin truly feels soft and hydrated longer. The same smooth feeling lasts for few days and not just until your next shower.
I give a lot on my body skin care, when it comes to lotions, Garnier Intensive 7 days still does the trick for me, but I had quite some troubles, finding right body butter and this is the perfect addition to my usual routine.
I can't talk about improvements on my skin yet, I only used it twice, however, winter is coming and the time to show its righteousness will arrive.

Have you tried this body butter? What do you think of it? Which are your favorite Soap & Glory products?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shows You Should Watch: Girl Code

Girl Code is an American is comedy television series on MTV. It features female actresses, musicians, stand up comics (plus a few men) who discuss everything that women, knowingly and unknowingly, share.

I stumbled upon Girl Code one day when my 'downloading system' was behaving badly and I was searching on YouTube for something, anything, to watch. I found this, thought it was great and went through whole season 1 in approximately one day and a half.

Some of my favorite girls:

Carly Aquilino (look at her hair, just look at them *sigh* major hair envy)

Jessimae Peluso

Jamie Lee

Nicole Byer

Alice Wetterlund

This show is perfect when you're on sick or on your period and you just want something light and fun and oh so relatable to watch. The girls are hilarious, incredibly open and straightforward, the things they talk about include the usual girl topics; boys, boob sizes and the more embarrassing ones, like eternal dilemma of sitting or squating when peeing in public bathrooms.

 If you have habits or problems you think no other girl has, don't feel bad. You may not want to talk about it with you're friends, but you're actually not alone at all.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet

Chaos. This is the only word to describe this week. I was helping on two sets, one for commercial and one for stand up show. I worked 12 hours per day and when I wasn't,  I was either sleeping or running from one job interview to another. So now I finally have few minutes for myself and I decided it's about time I write another post.

Revlon Lip Butters are well known, so I don't have much to add. They're are quite moisturizing, buttery(shocker I know) and they glide on lips, so in a way they're like lip balms. The texture really makes them alluring to use. I never thought a lip product could make me this happy when I'm using it (it sound crazy but if you tried them, you know what I'm talking about).

Sorbet is from their new collection and it's a great pink, bordering on fuchsia color. On me it lasts about two hours or  less if I'm drinking or eating, so don't expect miracles when it comes to longevity. Pigmentation is good in my opinion, expect to see your natural lip color through it though.

All in all, I love Revlon Lip Butters, they're like joy in a lipstick form.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mother knows best: Issey Miyake Pleats Please

Just a really quick post about this absolutely fantastic gift that I got yesterday. My mom returned from her holidays and she brought me this precious baby. I fell in love with this fragrance when I first tried it on some airport quite some time ago, but it was too expensive for me back then. My mom, however, made a terrible
mistake and bought it. Terrible because I've been stealing it since. She obviously had enough of my sticky fingers so she bought me, my own, smaller(I don't know if that was wise, really) version of this great perfume.
 I'm bad when it comes to describing fragrances so I can only tell you that it has the most wonderful, unique smell. I only ever loved Miss Dior Cherie as much as I love this one and that's saying something.
If you haven't tried it yet, go go go! You wont regret it, I promise.
Top note: Pear
Middle notes: Peony, Sweet pea & Indole
Base notes: Patchouli, Cedar, Vanilla Absolute & White Musk

What is your current favorite perfume? Have you tried any Issey Miyake's perfumes?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick: Wear Berries & On The Catwalk

So here I am, writing my first blog post and it feels a bit surreal if I'm honest. Writing a blog was a wish of mine for many years but I just kept putting it off, having thousand excuses. But few weeks ago I made my final decision, threw all my fears and excuses out of the window and started working on it. And as I said, here I am. I figured there will be plenty of time for a proper introduction in the future so I wont bore you with my life story just yet.

Many things have been said and many reviews have been done about this Essence's lipsticks, specially the shades Natural Beauty(which I own and love) and Coral Calling got a lot of attention, so there's not many new things to say about them.
However, I didn't really see many reviews and swatches of Wear Berries and On The Catwalk so I decided to show them to you.

Wear Berries is one of my favourite lipsticks this fall because its a beautiful purple shade. Its not really long lasting (2-3 h) but it actually does leave a nice stain. Of all the lipsticks from this range that I tried, this one is in my opinion the best.
I got On The Catwalk as a part of a birthday gift from my friends so I didnt really wear it all that much since then (my birthday was last week) so I cant tell you much about it. Its in dark red with slight burgundy undertone and its a good choice of red lipstick for fall and winter.

I think these lipsticks are great for their price (cca 2.5€) , they don't dry my lips and I'll definitely buy shades Natural Beauty and Wear Berries again.

(excuse my swatches, I didnt really know what I was doing and my camera died in the middle of it)